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About Us

Part science and more than a little bit art, making great water from not so great water has been Steve Agnew’s passion for nearly 25 years. Great Lakes Water Solutions gives him the ultimate outlet for that passion, allowing Steve and his team to raise the bar in all aspects of water treatment and delivery, from developing new equipment to application, installation, system maintenance, and service.

From “simple” water softeners and drinking water systems for municipally supplied water to complex “problem water” often associated with private wells, to sewage treatment, regulated facilities, commercial, agricultural, industrial and medical needs, GLWS brings over two decades of excellence and experience to provide the perfect solution. And because each situation – no matter how seemingly simple — is unique, GLWS looks at everything to bring you the appropriate treatment option to suit your expectations, lifestyle or business.

Water treatment technology is constantly changing. Steve not only stays on top of new developments, he has made significant contributions to the evolution of the industry over the years. You can be confident the water treatment options presented to you will be the highest quality and most cost-effective solutions available. GLWS also takes into consideration your ability and willingness to service your equipment yourself and, when appropriate, designs user-friendly systems that require minimal maintenance. Alternatively, if your treatment requirements are complex or your lifestyle requires it, we will provide ongoing service and maintenance programs for your peace of mind.

For safe, clean water for your family, farm or business, friendly, professional service and excellent value for your water treatment dollars, look no further than Great Lakes Water Solutions, where we don’t just ask for your business – we earn it.

And always… …we make water GREAT!

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